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Favourite Books I read in 2022
Book Title Author ISBN
Book Image Somebody Else Charles Nicholl 9781780601694
Book Image Nettles Adam Scovell 9781910312735
Book Image The Sharp End of the Rainbow Madeleine Swann 9798985419009
Book Image Shalimar Davina Quinlivan 9781908213907
Book Image Kinderkrankenhaus Jesi Bender 9781952386190
Book Image Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Universe Professor Andrew Newsam 9781783962600
Book Image The Restless Republic Anna Keay 9780008282028
Book Image Pour the Whiskey Over My Heart and Set It On Fire Arthur Graham, Bogdan Dragos 9798635950043
Book Image No Secrets J a Carter-Winward 9781611710250
Book Image The Turkish Embassy Letters Mary Wortley Montagu 9781780600390
Book Image Fledgling Hannah Bourne-Taylor 9780711266674
Book Image The Best British Travel Writing of the 21st Century Jessica Vincent 9781800071704
Book Image The Rabbit Factor Antti Tuomainen, David Hackston 9781913193850
Book Image Riding Out Simon Parker 9781800074996
Book Image SCHLOCK Featuring Russia Cop David R Low 9781736277317
Book Image How Do You Live? Genzaburo Yoshino 9781846046452
Book Image Condemned to Cymru M J Nicholls 9781952386244
Book Image The Hubris of an Empty Hand Mahyar A Amouzegar 9781608012213
Book Image Mestiza Blood V. Castro 9781787586161
Book Image Sweet Thames Run Softly Robert Gibbings 9781908213068
Book Image Along the Amber Route C.J. Schuler 9781912240913
Book Image Neither Weak Nor Obtuse Jake Goldsmith 9781952386398
Book Image Nemesis, My Friend Jay Griffiths 9781915068019
Book Image The Unauthorised Biography of Ezra Maas Daniel James 9781912436835
Book Image Thunderstone Nancy Campbell 9781783966578
Book Image Immoral Origins Lee Matthew Goldberg 9781685490850
Book Image Everything Dissolves Arthur Graham, Hank Kirton 9798654481207
Book Image GHOST SIGNS Stu Hennigan 9781910422960
Book Image The Overhaul Kathleen Jamie 9781447202042
Book Image Cold Fish Soup Adam Farrer 9781913393465
Book Image After Sundown Mark Morris 9781787584563
Book Image On the Scent Paola Totaro, Robert Wainwright 9781783966424
Book Image A Moroccan Trilogy Jerome Tharaud, Jean Tharaud 9781780601625
Book Image The Accidental Detectorist Nigel Richardson 9781788403696
Book Image The Autodidacts Thomas Kendall 9781952600180
Book Image Necropolis Guy Portman 9781496152640
Book Image Our Struggle Wayne Holloway 9781914391194
Book Image The Forgery Ave Barrera, Ellen Jones, Robin Myers 9781913867157
Book Image The Hill of Devi E. M. Forster 9781780601601
Book Image Interesting Shells ANDREIA SALVADOR 9780565095109
Book Image Field Notes Maxim Peter Griffin 9781800181182
Book Image Shoot the Horses First Leah Angstman 9781734306590
Book Image Selected Poems Kathleen Jamie 9781509882953
Book Image On Travel and the Journey Through Life Barnaby Rogerson, Kate Boxer 9781780602042
Book Image Homesick Jennifer Croft 9781913867317
Book Image The Grove BEN DARK 9781784727383
Book Image The Sheep's Tale John Lewis-Stempel 9780857527066
Book Image Broken Rhodes Kimber Silver 9798986083643
Book Image Bengal Lancer Francis Yeats-Brown 9781780602011
Book Image brother. do. you. love. me. Manni Coe, Reuben Coe 9781915068057
Book Image West Cumbria Mining: The Silence between Shadows David Banning 9781838091545
Book Image Untold Microcosms Sophie Hughes, Carolina Orloff 9781913867270
Book Image The Private Life of the Hare John Lewis-Stempel 9780857524553
Book Image The Wheel of the Year Rebecca Beattie 9781783966790
Book Image A Dance For the Dead Nuzo Onoh 9781639510825
Book Image The Trees Percival Everett 9781914391170